Tips for Buying Adult Toys

20 May

As people learn more about their bodies and their ability to give them pleasure, they become more curious about it. They start to explore different ways to enhance the sensations that they love so much. According to research, more than half of women in the U.S. have tried using a vibrator.

It's clear that the benefits of enhancing one's adult life with enhancement products are many. Thanks to the Internet, shopping for adult toys has erased concerns about privacy and embarrassment. Still, it hasn't removed the need for care and precaution with every purchase made. Find The Playroom best sex toys or read more buying tips at

Next time you shop for adult toys, keep the following in mind:

1. Cut back on absorbency and use your lube right.

Remember this: the more porous a material is, the more places there are for bacteria to stay and multiply. Because you can't sterilize these things, make sure you use them with a condom. For more protection from bacteria and infections, use a lubricant preferably a certified organic one.

2. Steer clear of phthalates.

Yes, it is important to avoid products with phthalates in them. This chemical has beenf found to cause a whole range of illnesses and medical conditions, from diabetes to infertility. The FDA has actually banned it from kids' toys, but some unscrupulous manufacturers continue to use it. Does that mean you should avoid buying or using adult toys? Of course not! It just means you have to be an informed shopper. Knowledge saves!

3. Pick your manufacturer.

Generally, adult toy companies create safe products. However, there are few cowboys in the market that don't take their responsibilities to consumers seriously. The companies use cheap and possibly hazardous materials for the sake of lowering their costs and increasing their profits. These are the very companies you need to avoid, and to know which ones they are, you need to do some research. Know how long a manufacturer has been in business, and read reviews about their products. Stick to reputable sources when doing your research online, however. Steer clear of marketing websites and focus on third-party consumer sites where testimonials are mostly authentic and unbiased.

The risks of randomly buying adult toys can be more serious than you think. There are so many diseases or medical conditions you can get from buying the wrong ones. Products may contain a myriad of other chemicals, not just phthalates that make them hazardous, especially with long-term use. You have the right to pleasure yourself as much as you want, but you don't want to put your health on the line when you don't have to. Here are more tips for buying the best adult toys:

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